Technical Sessions

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

This session will closely reflect the format of technical presentations at in-person events. Our technical sessions are divided into two concurrent sessions: Conservation Tools and Conservation Science. We hope you will join us for the presentations and engage in brief discussion and questions afterwards.

Conservation Tools 11:45 AM – 13:45 PM (CDT)

11:45 Shackleford, Jennifer Virtual Field Trips to Your Park-An Inexpensive Way to Reach the Masses
12:00 Hildreth-Werker, Val Cave Conservation and Restoration: Workshops Around the Globe
12:15 Webb, Cathleen The 2020 Mammoth Cave Natural Resource Condition Assessment
12:30 Holliday, Cory Forest Management Considerations and Best Management Practices on Karst Landscapes: A Lesson in Evidence-Based Management Guidelines
12:45 Carlson, Justin Middle to late Holocene Soil Geomorphological History at Crumps Cave and Sink, Potential Implications for Soil Conservation and Karst Terrains Today
13:00 White,  William A Blueprint for the Assessment of Inorganic Carbon Flow Paths in the Great Onyx Groundwater Basin, Mammoth Cave National Park
13:15 Meyer, Sonia How Visitation is Affecting Air Quality in Carlsbad Cavern
13:30 Addesso, Rosangela Lampenflora, the Alien of Show Caves: Monitoring and Treatments

Conservation Science 11:45 AM – 13:45 PM (CDT)

11:45 Ćalić, Jelena Stripe Karst Tectonic Settings – Examples from Eastern Serbia
12:00 Olarinoye, Tunde A New Approach for Automatic Extraction of Karst Conduit and Matrix Recession Coefficients
12:15 Ford, Derek Mahony and Tunago, Adjoining but Contrasted Karst Plateaus in the NT, Canada
12:30 Fryar, Alan Variable Responses of Mountainous Karst Springs to Seasonal Precipitation
12:45 Chamba, Bryan The First Electrical Resistivity Tomography Study Applied to an Ecuadorian Cave (Uctu Iji Changa, Tena): Insights into Amazonian Karst Systems
13:00 Fandel, Chloe Representing Uncertainty with Diverse Model Ensembles: A Test Case in an Alpine Karst System
13:15 Rasnake,Lindsey Characterizing Perennial Bedrock Springs in the Low-Yield Aquifer Region of Southwest-Central Indiana
13:30 Ponta, Gheorghe Monitoring Karst Aquifers in North Alabama for the Protection of Sensitive Aquatic Biota