Poster/Flash-talk Session

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

This session is a combination of poster presentation and flash-talk. We wanted a way to include our poster authors in a virtual meeting so posters will  be posted in early August for viewing. We hope you then join us for summaries of their research and to engage in brief discussion and questions.

8:00-9:40 AM (CDT)

7:30  Registration/Virtual Help Desk Opens
8:00 Gabrovsek, Franci  Environmental Monitoring in Škocjan Caves, Slovenia
8:10 Serena Liso, Isabella Complexity and Fragility of Apulian Groundwater Resources
8:20 Parise, Mario Establishing a Geopark in the Alta Murgia (Italy)
8:30 Ruggieri, Rosario Clean up the Dark: Karst and Cave Conservation Initiative of the Italian Speleological Society (SSI)
8:40 Zorman, Tomaz Škocjan Cave – The Cave and the Paths of its Explorers. Reflection of Speleology in Classical Karst through Documentary Movie and Presentation (FILM)
8:50 Van Beynen, Philip The Economic Value of Florida’s Groundwater
9:00 Gani, Nahid Investigating Geologic Controls of Western Pennyroyal Karst Region, Kentucky
9:10 Williams, Jessica In-cave Dye Tracing  in Great Onyx Cave, Mammoth Cave National Park.
9:20 Gessert, Alena Geotourism and Local Development in NP Slovak Karst: Behaviour Survey of Local People, Tourists and Experts
9:30 BREAK – Poster Session Concludes, Virtual Field Excursions start at 10:00